FinancialCoreGive employees access to an all-in-one financial wellness platform that can help them take control of their financial well-being.

Help employees improve their financial well-being.

FinancialCore is a great way for you to offer your employees a clear path to financial well-being. FinancialCore offers a variety of tools and resources for employees to access, including:

  • Financial wellness learning modules
  • Interactive tools and calculators
  • Gradifi student loan refinancing marketplace
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FinancialCore Solutions

Learning center

Learning center

Employees can increase their financial knowledge

Employees can access interactive content modules to help them gain the insight they need to make smart financial decisions.

Impact calculator

Impact calculators

Employees can see what’s possible

Employees can leverage these personalized impact tools to better understand their student loan debt and explore repayment strategies that might work best with their personal goals.

Student loan refinancing

Student loan refinancing

Employees gain access to leading student loan refinancing lenders

Employees can potentially lower their interest rates and monthly payments by accessing our curated marketplace of student loan refinancing lenders.

Supporting participants across a wide range of industries

Connecting employees with leading lenders

There are many student loan refinancing options. We connect your employees with a lender that can best meet their needs.


When this program was announced, I felt a sigh of relief that I wasn’t alone with student debt. It has truly made me appreciate our company and leadership team so much more. They truly care about our health and financial well-being."

Devon F., FinancialCore participant

Our solutions are simple to implement.

Onboard Gradifi with ease

Get employees onboarded with ease.

Our easy-to-use platform allows your HR team to set up our solutions with the option to easily integrate systems if needed. We are here for you from start to finish—from administrative onboarding to preparing to launch the benefit through ongoing management.


Ready to make an impact on your employees' financial well-being and your company's bottom line?

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  1. Estimated savings are based on refinancing a $50,000 student loan with an 6.8% APR and 10-year repayment term to a new loan with a 3.55% APR and 10-year repayment term. Individual savings may vary.
  2. Estimated savings are based on a $50,000 student loan balance at 6% APR, under a 10-year repayment plan with a $150 monthly employer contribution plus regular monthly payments made by the borrower.
  1. Estimated savings are based on $100/month employer contribution for five years with a 6% annual rate of return for eighteen years before a child goes to college. Individual savings may vary.

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