reduction in student loan repayment time with a $100 monthly contribution1

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With Gradifi, you can help your employees pay down their student debt and save up for the future.

Explore the only single-platform solution for  student loan and college savings benefits that will give you a clear edge in recruiting and retention.

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There's a major mismatch between the benefits you're offering and the benefits your employees want.

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A study of professionals with student debt shows:

45%chose student loan repayment as the single most desirable benefit among 6 options, including retirement contributions
58%prefer their employer help them pay down their student loans rather than contribute to their retirement savings
90%said a student loan repayment benefit would positively impact their decision to accept an offer, recommend an employer, or stay at their job

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Student Loan PayDown

Gradifi is a platform that enables you to make direct contributions to your employees' student loans.  This SLP Plan® benefit helps your employees shed the burden and the stress of student debt even faster.

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College SaveUp

In the same platform, you can now offer a CSU Plan (College SaveUp) by making direct contributions towards 529 college savings plans. You can help your employees save for their children's future.

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No two companies share the same situation, which is why we enable you to create unique programs based on your business. You determine the contribution amount, frequency, and eligible employees.


Our easy-to-use interface makes navigating easy, and making an impact even easier. Onboarding employers and employees takes a few simple steps, which means you're up and running in days, not weeks.


We are ISO 27001 certified and compliant with the best practices of all relevant financial services standards, building out a top-class approach to safety.

Together, we can build a benefit plan as unique as your workforce

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Employee Survey

We poll your employees to gain insight into how they are impacted by student loans now and in the future, then we find unique opportunities that help you and your workforce.

BUdGet Analysis

We help you understand the cost of running an SLP Plan or CSU Plan benefit, and customize a solution to match your budget.

Impact Assessment

We help you understand the impact of employer contributions on employees' lives, calculating how much money and repayment time you can save your employees.

Plan Design

Based on your company's needs, we work to develop an approach that is as unique as your employees, and caters to your company, your workforce, and most of all, your growth.

See the lasting impact SLP Plan contributions

can make on one of your employees

Without SLP Contributions, Employee Pays
With SLP Contributions, Employee Pays
Pay off debt 3 years, 1 month earlier and save $10,046 with a $100/mo SLP Plan

Estimated savings include total SLP contributions plus estimated interest savings. Assumes extra payments are applied throughout repayment term of the loan and that borrower continues to make regular monthly payments. Individual savings will vary.

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Gradifi helps us pay down our employees' student debt faster. It's more than just a job benefit. It's the right thing to do.

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CEO, Peloton

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